Having Gratitude Changes Everything!

loveMomHave you ever felt like life can be like Groundhogs Day?  We wake up thinking that today will be just another day, just like every other day.  We wake up thinking about what we have to do, what we haven’t done, what we are or aren’t happy about, or who we’re not happy with.

We get stuck on autopilot, and day after day, life seems to be the same old, same old.

What most people are unaware of, is that today is not just another day.  In fact, we never stop to think about the fact that today is the only day we are ever given.  When tomorrow comes, it will be today.  Yesterday no longer exists.  The only place where our life actually occurs, is today.

What would happen if you were to choose, at this very moment, on this very day, to be grateful?  To actually open your heart to the blessings that you have in your life right now?  How would your experience of yourself, your relationships, your entire life transform?

On Mother’s Day, I woke up feeling like Groundhogs Day. 

My kids were distracted by their devices, there was laundry to fold, and the kitchen was a mess!  The voice in my mind went into it’s usual automatic rants about feeling overwhelmed, and no one even looked up from what they were doing to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day!!

But, when my mind is on autopilot, what I have learned is that gratitude changes everything.

I sat myself down on my deck and closed my eyes, and deliberately thought about everything that I am grateful for:  The fact that I own a home that can be messy, that I have access to food that creates dirty plates, that I have clothes to fold.

That I have amazing children who I love with all of my soul.  Even if they can be unappreciative. Or argumentative. Or difficult.

And when I became aware of what I had to be grateful for, it changed everything.  I got up and told each of my children that on this day, I am grateful to be their mother.  I am grateful that they were born.  I am grateful that they are exactly who they are.

And then the miraculous happened.  After a Mother’s Day picnic, and when the day was ending, my children gave me a gift.  But not just any gift.  A gift they created together that day.  Because of what I said to them.  A gift of words, written on paper, about how much they loved me, how much they valued me as their mom, and how much I meant to them.  Words I probably would not have heard, if I did not experience gratitude.

Gratitude changes everything.  It opens your heart to love.  Love for yourself, love for the people around you, and love for your whole life.  And when you open your heart to gratitude, you create a life that is nothing short of miraculous.