About Us

The Center For Extraordinary Relationships was founded by mother/daughter psychotherapy team Judy Fox and Joanna Kleinman, both of whom are expertly trained and highly experienced in creating relationships that thrive.

We established our relationship counseling center because, as relationship experts, we believe that the quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our relationships. As a mother and daughter team, we have personally experienced the satisfaction that a thriving relationship brings.

Our center is not a typical relationship counseling center. The best relationship advice, the best parenting advice and the best parenting tools offered at a typical relationship counseling center fall short of what we believe is possible.

Rather than just providing predictable family and marriage counseling, generic parenting tools or typical advice that you can find on most relationship or parenting advice Websites, The Center for ExtraOrdinary Relationships provides a different type of education… one that teaches people how to permanently shift the quality of relationships in their families.

Our family and marriage counseling center’s mission is to create a permanent shift in the way that individuals, couples and families relate to one another.

We are accomplishing our mission with hundreds of families by successfully utilizing solution-focused relationship counseling and parenting tools and techniques that really work. Our commitment is to support families in building and nurturing healthy, loving and life affirming relationships.

Often, couples and parents are not looking for one-on-one relationship counseling, but are instead seeking the best relationship advice or the best parenting advice they can find online. In a complex cyber world, finding a relationship or an excellent parenting advice website is a daunting task.

We go beyond a typical relationship or parenting advice website by offering Interactive Webinars on Relationship and Parenting that provide real solutions to real problems, all in the comfort and convenience of your own home or office.

The Center for ExtraOrdinary Relationships has been extremely successful at helping countless individuals, couples and parents transform their relationships.

In our relationship with each other and our families, as well as decades of experience helping transform families, we are continually in awe of the riches available in creating extraordinary relationships!

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