Inspiring people to redefine their relationships with themselves,
the people who matter to them, and their experience of life.

Dethroning Your Inner Critic Workshops

Learn why we all have an Inner Critic, where it comes from, and how to separate yourself from its negative messages. What would your life look like if you were no longer allowing this voice to have the power over you?

The Dethroning workshops will take your life to a whole new level in the areas of: Your relationship with YOURSELF • Your relationship with the SIGNIFICANT PEOPLE in your life (like partners, kids, extended family, and more) • Your relationship with your BODY • Your relationship with your LIFE. This education is one of the most life-altering programs available—guaranteed*!


About Us

Mother-daughter psychotherapists Judy Fox and Joanna Kleinman deliver a unique, groundbreaking, and transformative approach to the practice of psychotherapy.

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