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"I participated in three of your relationship webinars so far. Each one offered insights that changed how my husband and I communicate with each other when we’re angry. Our relationship has been totally different, and I owe it to using what I learned in these webinars. I’m looking forward to taking more! Allison P., Yonkers, NY

"Taking the 'Creating a Satisfying Relationship' webinar was a wonderful experience for me. Judy and Joanna gave me more tools to make my relationship successful than I learned in over a year of couples counseling. My husband and I are incredibly grateful." Stacey R., Voorhees, NJ

I have been to many therapists over the years, but I have made more progress in two months than I made with any other therapist I have ever seen. In a very short time, I was able to discover things about myself that were causing problems in my life, things I didn’t even know were limiting me.” Janice P., Mt Laurel, NJ

Thanks to your guidance and insight, I was able to recognize and cope with the addictive patterns and the issues that have plagued our marriage. I’ve got a long road ahead in my recovery, but thanks to the miracle of your guidance, I’m finally traveling down the right road. Now I can see hope for our marriage to last.” Sue G. and Gary G., Princeton, NJ

"I took Joanna's workshop DETHRONING YOUR INNER CRITIC and not only is she amazing, her workshop is transformational. I truly feel her advice, guidance, and nurturing style is extraordinary!! Love her! PEACE AND LOVE" Jeana L., Business Owner

"The Dethroning Your Inner Critic Workshop was literally life changing for me! I feel like I have a new found freedom from that ever present critical voice in my head!” Karen D., Marketing Consultant

Your Inner Critic: The Troublemaker in Your Relationships workshop absolutely saved my marriage. The insights that you offered changed every part of our relationship from how we communicate to our ability to stay loving and connected. Our marriage has completely transformed, and we owe it all to using what we’ve learned in this course." Stacey and Robert P., Voorhees, NJ

Your Inner Critic: The Troublemaker in Your Relationship workshop was a wonderful course for us. Judy and Joanna gave us more tools to make our relationship successful than we learned in over a year of couples counseling. We are incredibly grateful.” Sean and Allison R., Yonkers, NY


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